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I love babies!! To see their soft wrinkly skin, to smell their sweet baby smell, to hear their coos and just looking at their sweet little faces is so magical.


These key months are the perfect time to capture their new discoveries/milestones.  Let's create a story of their first year.


Below is the what you can expect from your new little one.





Babies change more in the first year then they ever will again. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture every detail of your precious bundle, from the sweet tuft of hair to the tiny little toes and every wrinkle and roll in between. Babies are best captured within the first 10 days of birth, then at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. Watch your baby develop through all the milestones.


Newborn The soft skin of a curled up newborn is enough to make your heart melt. In a matter of days the newborn stage is gone. 1-10 days is the magical age for newborns, be sure to call early in your pregnancy to book your session, you don’t want to miss this!


Three monthsYour little one’s personality really begins to show. You will notice how they get excited to see mom. This is the perfect age for ‘mommy and me’ portraits too.


Six Months  Your baby should be starting to sit up proudly and possibly starting to crawl. This is THE perfect baby age to capture lots of emotions from your little one.


Nine months- A 9-month-old baby is not sitting still. He is moving around one way or the other.

The "other way" may very well be by ordering you to carry him around to different places.

Pointing and shouting an enthusiastic "there" or some form of the word.

Or he might not accept anything less than you holding his hands so that he can walk around.

Take care of your back!

One year Baby is finding his or her independence as they begin to walk. Get ready to burn calories, because once they hit this age it’s a never ending race to catch them! Add a smash the cake session and let your baby dig into the messy, gooey goodness of their very first cake!

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